Mekong Ganga St-Laurent

Group presentation

Five musicians at the crossroads of culture. Michel Guay, who left Canada to study sitar and khyal singing in India for ten years. Huu Bac Quach, who came to Quebec from Vietnam, plays dan bau, erhu, quena and guitar. Olivier Babaz on double-bass, Guillaume Martineau on piano, and François Taillefer on percussions. Mekong Ganga Saint-Laurent blends traditional music with jazz, mystical poetry with urban fervour, composition with improvisation, and the taste of ragas with the grace of the Far-East, for a musical confluence of great depth and subtlety.


Michel Guay : sitar, voice
Huu Bac Quach : dan bau, erhu, quena, guitar
François Taillefer : percussions
Guillaume Martineau : piano
Olivier Babaz : upright bass